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Tanning machines
Machines for meat-packing industry
Other engineering activities

SAGOS, spol. s r. o.

Trida Tomase Bati 1705
765 02 Otrokovice

+420 577 663 611

Profile of company

Name: SAGOS, spol. s r. o.
ICO: 48909718
DIC: CZ 48909718
Address: Trida Tomase Bati, 765 82 Otrokovice,
Ceska Republika
Basic capital of the company: 417 000,-Kc
Phone/Fax: +420 57 7663632, +420 57 7663615
Contact persons:
  Janota Zbynžk
Phone: +420 777 616 496

The company was found in 1993 by privatisation of service plant of tanning machines. Since this year this service plant is an independent legal subject. SAGOS has pernamet contacts with tanning plants, whereby it has obtained working experiences in making overhauls of all types of worn - down tanning machines. SAGOS makes overhauls very thoroughly and qualited, with guarantee. SAGOS works also in other areas of industrial activities, for example at meat - packing industry, food - processing industry, rubber and plastic industry. The company has in this industrial areas many permanent customers.